CGC Missions

CGC Mission Statement


(MAK 1:15, REV 11:15,12 MATT 16:17-19, 2TIM 4:2, MATT 23:11, JON 12:26, MATT 28:18-20)

Our Mission Statement is the step by step short, medium and long term goals to reach our Vision

Our Mission Statements are Implemented in the 12 MINISTRY EXECUTION STRATEGIES


Explaining Our Mission


Mat 16:18 -19
And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the forces of Hades will not overpower it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth is already bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth is already loosed in heaven.”

Our Lord Jesus said “HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH” and no other power, including HELL, will prevail over his Established Governmental Authority, HIS CHURCH. In verse 19 he further stated that HE WILL GIVE THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN to the management team of His Established Governmental Authority to control the environment by their words. This is where the principle of the GOVERNING CHURCH derives from. It is certain that Jesus was looking at a GRANDER VISION to influence this earth by His Kingdom.

Therefore, Cornerstone Gateway Church is a Kingdom Governing Church, established to police the heavenly, with-stand the power of darkness, challenges evil of our societies, represent the unfortunates in our communities and stand for justice and righteousness. Every believer of CGC carries the anointing bestowed in the house to affect our environment with godliness. The church in the book of ACTs was a Governing Church full of authority, power, anointing, creativity and purpose to preach the Gospel to the save souls. They achieved their mission with the help of the Holy Spirit working through them to accomplish their calling. The same Holy Spirit is waiting to use the church of our time to make the difference in our city.

Unless we realize that, we are the governing church to deploy Gods righteousness into offices, market places, club houses, every organization, home and families. The change in our perception and views is crucial for us to see into realms of the spirit to live in the ow of Gods revelation. To receive Gods wisdom, knowledge and insight to build His Kingdom on earth to bring pleasure. God should be our growing goal (Rev 4:11). We are called to do that while we have the gift of life to live this short life on earth.


What is defined in the Mission Statement provides some insight for CGC ministries. As the ministry leader, it will be your duty to study this document, understand its content and apply it in setting your ministry goals and objectives. What is outlined in our vision statement describes the tools we can use to reach the objectives in the Mission Statement. We will also explain in the next chapter, the CGC Flower, and the CGC Wheel.

Definition of Terms

Here under are the terms stated in the Mission Statement to be defined briefly for the purpose of clarity. This is to ensure there is understanding, dissecting, questioning, querying and discussion. When the terms are understood, each ministry will connect the dot to develop their internal ministry Mission Statement. Each ministry will not have a separate Vision Statement. The one set by the church leadership is nal. However, a Mission objective can be developed from the church’s Mission Statement.

1. Preaching

CGC is where ministers must preach the full gospel of the Kingdom to motivate, challenge, in-still, and develop Kingdom life style. Our pastor must be competent to minister with confidence on Radio and TV in our nation. Our messages must be curtailed for public viewing around the nation. It must be relevant, must be practical and scripturally sound.

The very reason why the church exists is to preach the Gospel, not just the Gospel, but the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt 6:9). CGCs core function is to present the Gospel in its entirety to reach our nation. The Bible says, “God chose the foolishness of the Gospel” (1Cor 1:21-25). The original method to preach the gospel still remain the best method. CGC will use every medium available to minister the Kingdom message to the nation.

Every ministry of CGC must develop its capacity in preaching through its in- house training program. The in-house ministries will have to understand the Basic Concept of preaching and ministering to their people under them. Every church department must minister the work correctly to build, develop and induce growth in children, youths, women and men ministries.

2. Teaching

The area of teaching ministry is important for growth, development and discovering your potential in life. It also causes a person to realize their weakness to shift into effective living in of meaningful lives. CGC believes its ministers (Pastors) to be able communicators of the gospel message in their respective ministry to impact our church properly.

On a bigger scale the CGC ministers must teach Gods principle correctly to build the nation. Properly research in to the depth of scripture with strict discipline in study will bring about sound learning of God. As people understand the word of God, they then will apply its principles into their lives, families, business, work and professionalism at the highest spiritual levels.

Our church ministries must teach our believers well in the Word of God. We may not have all the tools available now but we anticipate to develop our own study materials in the near future. In developing our own materials, it will require skilled pastor at CGC to develop Biblical curriculums for our in-house training. We believe in a positive outcome as we progress in our ministries with what we have. God told Moses as they were blocked at the Red Sea when the Egyptian army was pursuing them. God said, “Why cry to me? Lift up the rod over the sea and the children of Israel will go forward” (Exo 14:15-18). In other words, what God was saying to you and me was, what do you have in your hands? Use what you have now to accomplish my work? Every CGC father must be able to teach their families in their home bible studies. It is imperative that our families must be grounded securely with the Word of God in our homes, with biblical nuggets to grow our families and children in particular.


CGC believes in the power of a praying church where supernatural moves of God can be birthed to transform society from ungodliness into godliness. We firmly affirm that CGC will become a House of Prayer above all our programs. It is through prayer we move the incredible hands of God to do wonders. CGC must raise more prayer warriors to fulfill the ministry prayer and intercession.

Within our various ministries we can develop power pack prayer meetings to motivate lives of our children, youths, young adults, fathers and mothers. Ministries can teach dimensions of prayer to the members so the principle of prayer can be understood by all members of our church. Each CGC families must erect a family alter prayer and fellowship during the week days.


The CGC see all its members as builders of homes, societies, business’ and industries for all to bene t. Our leaders are people gifted by God to build values into lives that are broken, confused, destitute and hopeless by giving meaning to them again. God is the God of the second chance. That’s the good thing about Gods nature.

Civilization is built by people who are gifted with abilities, skills and innovative insights to make life better for everyone in that community. There are builders at CGC that must be encouraged, prepared and challenged to harness their Godly calling to build others.


The biblical understanding of genuine worship is about life style. It’s not just concentrated in the area and worship in our services, but what we do every day. At CGC we see worship in two specs;

(1) areas of praise and worship

(2) worship as part of our every day living

Praise & Worship:
This ministry is under the Worship Ministry of the local church. The area of praise and worship prepares the people to enter into the dimensions of the spirit where intimate relationships are developed with God. The skills of individuals of musicians and vocalists are important here, when leading the congregation in worship as the church enters Gods presence.

By meditation we unleash the unsearchable power of God to be released, to renew, restore, rejuvenate and revive persons worshiping. In worship our release is inevitable because the anointing comes down to break is the yoke of bondages that upon our lives (Isa 10:27).

Worship is a lifestyle:
As we have mentioned earlier, worship is the life a believer lives: the way we talk, express, behave, conduct and inspire our peers, is our worship of God. The Bible says, in all things we must glorify God, through our action, passion, beliefs, desire and thinking. We are created for his pleasure, our desire must bring surmountable pleasure to God, (Rev 4:11). This is true worship he requires from his people!


We are creatures of giving, we came into the world because of giving, our fathers gave their seed to our mothers and we were conceived and incubated in our mothers’ wombs. Our God is a giving God. All eco system he created depended on each other for survival. Remove one system and gradually everything will disappear surely.

At CGC, we emphasize on giving of our wealth and riches in tithes and offering as our primary objective. Believers cannot out give God. God is still the greatest giver. The bible says, “While we were yet sinners, He gave His son to die for our salvation. Our entire ministry must teach our members the power of giving without failure, if we are to see blessing with his abundance of grace poured in our homes and families. Not only our money, but our time, our worship, our resources, our skills and our lives are all part of our worship.


The principle of Management is not just for the management world out there. No, it is also for us in the church. Every individual is given resources to use in their village. Whether as a fisherman, he needs to manage his fishing gears to catch fish to sustain his family. A farmer must under the time and seasons sow his seed for the harvest. His farming tools must be ready to execute his task. A Mother at home is a manager. She manages the financing of groceries, manages the stove in the house and washing machine. Cooking and preparing is meals to better serving her family a management skill.

In your ministry, you are the manager responsible for children or youths, or women and men under your care. The pastor has placed enormous trust on you to lead and manage these people well to produce results.

Therefore, management is one of our principle resources because we want to encourage every member of Cornerstone to become good stewards of the resources God has placed in our trust. If we are able to manage the little in our possession, God can give us greater responsibilities such as managing the cities/nation. (Luk19:17;19). It is CGC’s desire that her professional people must be good stewards and managers with exceptional track records in their organization, thereby when they retire, they leave a legacy behind; the bible calls it the “Fruit that Remains” (Jon 15:16). What fruit are you going to leave behind, after all is said and done!


The essence of influence is seen when the right ideas override the evil with a right sense of direction. However, the honor is on individuals who have to make the choice after understanding the good and the bad and decide to follow the right way. The word of God provides the believers with the honest, godly and righteous way of living. As a Christian church we believe the bible is a text book for living on earth. Armed with these truths we can influence our society for righteous living.

Therefore, CGC believes that through all its ministry deployment, it carries the capacity to influence the corporate sector, industries, bureaucracy, corporation and all levels of leadership. The church is responsible to her constituency; the people we are serving. They must be influenced by the Gospel as their world views and have to shift to what God is saying prophetically. They will have to make the choice to change. When they are influenced right, it is easier to make salvation and other decisions.

A father is an influencer, a mother is an influencer, a teacher is an influencer, a Sunday school teacher is an influencer, a lead child in school is an influencer and everyone is an influencer because someone is listening to them. When people listen and follow the instruction that is influence.

Saints who are members at CGC must have faith in God to change their homes and communities by living righteously.

They can become role-models to influence others by their conduct, action, behavior and life style. All CGC leadership are to be role models to the people we are leading, both within and outside of the church. We have to live above reproach as we follow Christ in holiness, so we can in uence the nation in Gods way.


Now, what is impact? Impact occurs when two forces collide and the greater power will always prevail over the weaker. That is when impact happens. This also could be in the areas of concepts, ethics, moralities, business, politics, social welfare and spiritual ministry. In considering the ministry of Jesus everywhere the gospel was preached, it had tremendous impact on the lives of people. It was a clash between God and Satan, right and wrong, morality and immorality, light and darkness, and who wins? The light always prevails over darkness. (John1:5, 2 Cor 6:15-15).

In the Gospel of Mathew, it is stated that Jesus went to Galilee preaching and teaching in the Synagogues and many were healed. His fame went out into the regions of Syria and many came for healing and great was the following (Matt 4:23-25). The wisdom that accompanied the ministering of the word is the key factor with Godly revelation that impacts people, even the intellectual and the learned. Jesus at twelve (12) years of age mesmerized the intellectual by debating with them in the temple at Jerusalem (Luk 2:46-48). Even our children at this tender age can do wonders for God if they are coached, trained and mentored in the spirit, they can become a force of impact.


The world around us is filled with people with all kinds of problems. In our communities there are issues like divorce, wife abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, mental disorder and diseased plaguing our people. The CGC believes in her people ministering healing to the nation through people contact to reach the hurting, diseased and oppressed. God is still a miracle working God and is able to heal all kinds of problems whether psychological or demonic in nature. The supernatural power of God is available to the church today. We have to use it for our advantage.

The Bible is full of stories relating to Jesus ministering healing. The Bible records the accounts where Jesus heals the woman with the issues of blood, the healing of the leapers, the healing of the blind and many other miracles as well. In Luke’s Gospel is sent the 70 disciples two by two

to do the work of ministry and he gave them authority over demons, death, diseases and sickness, they came back with phenomenal results. (Luke 10:1-5; Matt 10:1-8). Our villages, communities, provinces and nation need healing from the grip of corruption, mismanagement, abuse of resources, white collar thief, abuse of office and social injustices. God can bring healing to the demises of the devil. On the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.” We have to action our faith for the manifestation of the healing anointing in our churches.


When we talk about transformation, we are thinking of a radical shift from one degree to another. Just like a caterpillar that changes into a cocoon and then changes into a beautiful butter y. That is the essence of transformation and that is what God wants to do with us as well. Gods transforming power is defined in His word.

When the Kingdom Gospel was preached, transformation was inevitable in the life of the early church. Jesus said, “I came that they might have life and more abundant life” (Jon 10:10). The city of Samaria was suppressed by the devil plagued with sin and idolatry until that morning when Jesus encountered the sinful woman at the well. That one strategic appointment with destiny was sufficient to transform the whole city of Samaria (John 4:1-43)

God can transform a home, a school, a college, a village, a suburb, a community, a town and a nation when there is per- persistent spiritual networking in prayer. At the same time pastors are ministering the Word of God effectively for spiritual breakthrough. Note here, God sent Jonah to Nineveh to curse the city, but the king and his people realized that they will lose eventually, whereby they repented of their sin, and God forgave them in changing his mind. The spirit did a transforming work in the heart of the leader and his people removing the wrath of God from the city (Jonah 1-4).

Our children, youths, women and men can be transformed if we allow God to use us to break the devils curse over our lives. The Holy Spirit can anoint you for that ministry if we are willing to take the step of faith that he can use ordinary people like you and me. God can use you to do wonders, if you are ready for that moment.


Liberty speaks of being free at last. People who are under the oppression, slavery, bondages or under suppression. Imagine you are in prison for life and someone comes along with the great news that you are free to go. What feeling would you enjoy in that moment of liberty? Free at last!

Jesus’ key emphasis in ministering was to set the people free from all kinds of oppressions and bondages. There are social oppressions, there are economic oppressions, there are foreign oppressions, there are demonic oppressions, and there are educational oppressions and psychological oppressions (Luke 4: 18- 21). Jesus said he was anointed to set the captives free from the power of oppression, which enslaves people who cannot progress in life. He came to liberate. Even after 40 years of independence for PNG, we are still struggling to become successful as a developed economy. Therefore, CGC must raise sons and daughters to salvage the economy from being suppressed. And only a child of God can set PNG free from these oppressing powers.

Our youths and children must know that liberty belongs to them and to their children because Jesus paid for it on Calvary. The Bible says, “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:32, 36). We must not be oppressed by outside powers that are motivated by greed and selfishness. No! They must be stopped! JESUS WILL HAVE TO SAVE PNG FROM THIS OPPRESSOR THROUGH THE REDEEMED WORK.