Cornerstone Gateway Church (CGC)

Cornerstone Gateway Church (CGC) is an adherent of Assembly of God (AOG) Pentecostal Christian Churches. CGC observes and practices AOG Churches' principles and believes. The church was established with the following vision to assist members experience God's ultimate purpose for them on Earth and to fulfill God's Commission.

CGC Vision

“Cornerstone Gateway Church is a Spiritual Enterprise that is family centered, socially focused, economically practical, politically involved, ethically sound, spiritually relevant and Israel conscious to fulfilling God’s commission, purposed with influence to impact Nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom to make Jesus Christ Lord of all.“

Our Location

CGC Mission

Cornerstone Gateway Church exist as a Kingdom governing church engaged in preaching, teaching, praying, building, worshiping, giving. Managing, influencing, impacting, healing, transforming and liberating societies with Biblical principles, ultimately building God’s Kingdom and making Jesus Christ Lord of all".

Our Missions enable us to achieve our Vision.
Our Vision is our Destiny and our Missions are what we do daily to achieve the Vision.

AOG Cornerstone Gateway Church

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CGC Church

We Welcome you all to Cornerstone Gateway Church

"Those who seek God's Redemption and Forgiveness through the grace of His son Jesus Christ."

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Cornerstone Gateway Church
Port Moresby

Attn: Senior Pastor
Rev. Tony Dalaka

MPhone: (+675) 76537189